More on the bilingual edition of “Hands” - Fred Charap
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More on the bilingual edition of “Hands”

I want to continue writing about the bilingual edition of my book of poetry, Hands (Mani in Italian).

As I stated, this book which I originally published with Hawk Press in Cambridge, England was translated by Silvano Ferrone. Silvano was a noted scholar and translator who died recently and is missed by all. Many of these translations appear on my site.

The book will be in the same format as the original Hands which can be seen on this site in the category Libri. This format was designed by the poet Linda Langford Powell. In addition one of the drawings for the book is directly above.

The poem that goes with this drawing is:


Birds fly into my hand;
They tell me all the secrets
Within my soul.

Uccelli volano nella mia mano;
Mi raccontano tutti i segreti
All’interno della mia anima.

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