Fred Charap - Fred Charap
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Who is Fred Charap

Frederick ( or Fred, as he likes to be called) Charap is Jewish, born in the United States but of Russian origins.

Fred Charap was born in Brooklyn,(USA) in a family of emigrant Russian jews

His studies

Charap studied at New York University, where he received a Master’s in Public Administration, and at Yale University, where he received a Master’s in Urban Studies. In a short time he had launched a successful career in labor administration, but he retained his early love of art. He became friends with many young contemporary artists

Fred and the Art

In the early 80’s, Fred decided to change careers in order to dedicate himself entirely to art. He enrolled in the San Francisco Art Institute where he received both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Fine Arts. Then Fred began his artistic activity in America and Europe. Presently, Fred lives in a small medieval village in Tuscany. He has had shows in Switzerland (Lausanne, Zurich and Ronco s/Ascona), France (Paris), and Italy (Alessandra and Florence).

Three different cultures

The three different cultures have worked profoundly upon his intellect and his spirit; what emerges is a man and an artist of culture and consciousness, with a great sensitivity to the events of the world both as history and as significance, contradiction, suffering. The artistic realization is projected through the material, the colors and the symbolic implications of the signs, all of which intersect and are superimposed much like the motivations of the intellectual and moral fundament in which they have their roots.

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