A bilingual edition of my recent book of poetry "Hands" - Fred Charap
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A bilingual edition of my recent book of poetry “Hands”

Sometimes in the next few months my book of poetry “Hands” will be published in a bilingual edition, Italian and English.

The translation of my poetry into Italian is very intense and captures the spirit of the work. They where done by Silvano Ferrone. In a sense the bilingual edition will be a homage to Silvano, who died very recently and very suddenly. He is very much missed, naturally for the quality of his work, but more as a good friend.

As was the original english edition, the bilingual edition will be published by Hawk Press of Linda Langford Powell. Hawk Press is the publishing house of the poet Linda Langford Powell. She is the author of two books of poetry “Mrs Icarus” and “One Breath at a Time“.

When the Italian, English edition of “Hands” (“Mani” in Italian) is published there will be poetry readings both in Florence and in Campiglia Marittima.

The reading in Campiglia Marittima will be at the very beautiful bed&breakfast Borgo agli Scudi di Federica Scardigli. Borgo agli Scudi has a large elegant central room in which Federica arranges many interesting presentations of both literature and music. The site of this bed&breakfast is www.borgoagliscudi.it

I will have more to say about this events in the future.



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  • Scardigli Federica

    20.05.2018 at 16:20

    Borgo agli Scudi is not a simple B & B .. the intent is to give shelter to the talents that militate in these parts and beyond. Campiglia Marittima hides many of its stone walls and the Proff. Charap is a distinguished representative. For me, an extraordinary discovery. A “rare” soul in a contagious laugh over layers of a lived silent.
    An honor for me to host the presentation of one of his books.
    It makes me proud …
    Reverente, Federica Scardigli

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