Scraped Paintings

Chair at MidnightChair at Midnight, oil on canvas, 179x101cm.
Chair at NightChair at Night, oil on canvas, 178x89cm.
Dancing ChairsDancing Chairs, oil on canvas, 173x125cm.
DestroyedDestroyed, oil on canvas,136x167cm.
DisolutionDisolution,oil on canvas170x175cm.
Ghosts Around my ChairGhosts Around My Chair, mixed media on canvas, 160x181cm.
Green CeilingGreen Ceiling, oil on canvas,130x195cm.
Mad-RoomMad-Room,oil on canvas, 161x197cm.
Near The EndNear The End, oil on canvas,138x155cm.
Schizophrenic BoySchizophrenic Boy, mixed media on canvas, 130x92cm.
StormStorm, oil on canvas,160x143cm.
White ChairWhite Chair,oil on canvas,130x168cm.
Yellow ChairYellow Chair,oil on canvas,185x149cm.

Walls and Other Paintings

Ancient BookAncient Book, mixed media on canvas, 70cm.x90cm,irregular
Dancing all nightDancing All Night,mixed media on canvas,176x123cm.
DisappearingDisappearing, mixed media on canvas, 153x93cm.
From Dachau to DarfurFrom Dachau to Darfur, mixed media on canvas, 90x119cm.
Ghost HouseGhost House, mixed media on canvas, 110x110cm.
IshmaelIshmael, mixed media on canva, 200x80cm.
Long AgoLong Ago, mixed media on canvas,70x50cm.
Page  from a BookPage from a Book, oil on canvas, 150x165 irregular
The BelowThe Below, watercolor on canvas, 70x50cm.
The Sea BoundedThe Sea Bounded, mixed media on canvas, 90x150cm.
The Spirit of MusicThe Spirit of Music, oil on canvas, 155x203cm.
The Writing of TimeThe Writing of Time, mixed media on canvas, 122x85cm.
TimeTime, mixed media on canvas,198x89cm.
Traces of ItalyTraces of Italy mixed media on canvas, 48x37cm.
Wall in LightWall In Light, oil on canvas, 180x220cm.
White WallWhite Wall, mixed media on canvas, 198x78cm.

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